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Warranty Transfer


I bought a laptop over 1 month ago. I have filled in the international Warranty transfer form on the 19th of August it has been over 1 month and I have not recieved the email that the warranty has transferred. I do not know the status of the transfer and cannot find a way to contact dell directly and ask. Can anyone please help me out? 


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RE: Warranty Transfer

Hi Mark, 

Thank you for posting your International Warranty Transfer concerns on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board.  Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience this transfer matter may have caused. 

You may request a warranty and/or ownership transfer if you have recently purchased or received a used Dell product, sold or given away your Dell product, are moving / moved to another country and need coverage in that region, or own a product manufactured by a company that Dell has recently acquired. You may also request permanent address changes for your Dell products with a service tag. 

Note: Transfers typically take 7-10 business days for domestic transfers and 15 business days for international transfers, so it is best to submit your request as soon as possible. 

Here's what you will need:
Service Tag of product to be transferred
Name and zip code used at time of purchase
Name and address warranty is being transferred to 

I am happy to look into this matter on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records.

Thanks for your patience,

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