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What has happened to DELL?

I've placed two orders with DELL.com After receiving an e-mail saying they received my order, I received another e-mail stating the following:

We are unable to process your Dell order as the payment wasn't authorized by your payment issuer. For security reasons card issuers may not approve unexpected online orders - until you call to confirm the purchase.

Please call your payment issuer today to confirm your Dell purchase.

      • Within the next 24 hours we will make another attempt to process your payment. You will receive
         an order confirmation email if payment is authorized.

On both orders I have received the same info stated above. I have called my bank, they have called me, and e-mailed me to make sure that this was an actual purchase and not "FRAUD". (I start to wonder about DELL employees). I have no problems with my bank, they told me the purchase would be approved by them. My bank knows the whole process - two orders were placed, I decided to cancel the first when it wasn't approved and place a second. Again the same message from DELL. Another call to my bank. This time I told them the exact price the purchase was for and that was the only one I wanted approved. No problem with my bank. I call DELL - I was on the phone on hold for 1 1/2 hours - "Yes, no problem, everything is okay, you should receive an e-mail confirming the order." No! I haven't received an e-mail from DELL.  I started this process on June 16, 2016 and I am so disgusted with the company that I've made a decision to cancel my second order and go elsewhere to make a purchase.

About 20 years ago my first computer was a DELL. I decided to return to DELL; back then it was a great company, great computer and excellent customer service. My reason for writing all this here is because I can't even send customer service an e-mail because I wasn't given a customer number which is a requirement in order to submit one. I will cancel my order but want DELL to be aware of my frustration. What a shame - I was so looking to owning another DELL.

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RE: What has happened to DELL?

Hi wildarob,

Thanks for posting about your verification issues.

I understand your frustration regarding Dell's attempt to protect your resources.

If there was an improper purchase, we would much rather cancel the order and deny someone the opportunity of taking advantage of your good credit.

Ultimately it's a fine line to balance; credit verification vs illegal purchases, but in the long run, I think you would agree, it's better to err on the side of caution.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll be happy to pass it along to the Finance department, and hopefully the credit card verification process will go smoother in the future.


Dell-Robert P
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