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Where is my order?

I made my purchase of precision 7720 at Mar. 24th, with an e-mail saying that Dell have received my order, and a purchase ID. 

Then, nothing, no confirmation, no order number, no status, even no charged. 

I can't even contact an order "expert", because they need a order number, and dell didn't gave me one. All I have is my purchase ID.

What's wrong with my order?

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RE: Where is my order?

I strongly encourage you NOT to order from the Dell website particularly this time. You are lucky they haven't charged you. Pull back the order before it is too late. I myself am waiting for my credit refund from 3 weeks cancelled purchase order and until now I haven't received any good news about it. If you still want to proceed with the order, you have a high chance of getting the order confused, late or not getting it at all. I am here just to give advice from my own experience

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RE: Where is my order?

Hi CooperY,

Thank you for reaching out to us on Dell Community Customer Care Board regarding your recent purchase.

The Purchase ID serves as an acknowledgment and once the payment is authorized an Order number is generated which would take approximately 2 business days. Kindly check with your Financial Institute if there's a pending approval from then.

You may Private Message the below details for me to review the status :

Registered Name :

Dell Purchase ID :

Email Address :

To Private Message, hover the cursor over my user name and add as friend.



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