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Why Does Dell Put a 90-Day Expiration on "Promotional" Gift Cards

Why does Dell put a 90-day expiration on gift cards that are given as a result of a Dell purchase?  This practice seems to only potentially punish Dell's own customers by making them feel shorted by missing a short expiration date like this.  I do not regularly buy electronics, so it's very likely that I will not have a specific need to purchase an item from Dell within 90-days of my original purchase.  I came up with an item that I would like to buy, but apparently my gift card expired 13 days ago.  The item I was going to purchase was more expensive than the amount on my gift card, so it's not that I wanted to get a free item. I just wanted to apply the amount that Dell gave me for purchasing an item from their site, on another item on Dell’s site.

What I don't understand is why Dell needs/decides to do this.  Except for "shorting" their own customers, what would Dell lose by using a one-year expiration for their gift cards?  I think their customers would be much happier and as a result will be more likely to be/become regular customers.


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