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Why I will never buy another Dell

I bought a Dell Alienware M17x-R3 computer and I also purchased the extended warranty for it. My computer originally developed a problem in September of 2013 and I was asked to send my computer into to be serviced. Once I sent my computer in to be serviced, it took the Dell techs 90 days to determine they could not fix my computer and sent me a refurbished computer. I received the refurbished computer and immediately received orders transferring my family and I back from US Forces Europe back to Virginia. So the computer was packed with my household goods and shipped to the US in December. At the time, the replacement computer was working. When I received my replacement computer along with my household good in late February the computer started giving me the blue screen of death. For several weeks in March I called the helpline and they walked me through several ways of trying to correct the problem. The computer continued to die and not work. When I tried to have the computer sent back to Dell, they told me that somehow the computer ownership had not been transferred over to me when they sent me the replacement. Once I transferred the ownership to me, they then told me the computer had just run out of its warrantee and they were under no obligation to fix or replace the broken replaced computer they sent to me. I called another Dell tech support group that is located here in the US rather than dealing with the tech group in Costa Rica. The US based tech support looked up my service tag number and informed me the replacement computer that was sent to me, was listed as still being in the dell service warehouse and was listed as broken, it never should have been sent to me in the first place. I am thoroughly <profanity> off with Dell at the moment. I spent $2,000 on my Alienware and bought the extended warrantee. I was then left with no working computer for 90 days, and then when I did receive a replacement computer, it too was broke and was not operable. I was forced to buy another laptop so I could continue to use for work. Now I am told that despite Dell having sent me a broken computer, they are under no obligation to fix or replace the broken computer they sent me. I asked to speak with a manager and the service tech Mauricio from the Costa Rica office said he does not need to transfer me to a manager because the warranty ran out and I will just have to buy a new Dell laptop. I want this situation fixed, I have put up with Dell’s incompetence for over nine months now. <legalistic> Dell computers in 60 days from receipt of this letter if this situation is not handled.

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RE: Why I will never buy another Dell

Hello globalized,

I would like to review the notes on your case and help you out as much as I can, if you don't mind, could you send me a private message with your service tag please?  

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