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Why have you told UPS to keep my laptop in their office for six days?

I ordered an XPS13 "Developer Edition" from you after being unable to find a laptop that I liked elsewhere. I remembered from a previous experience with Dell that it was unlikely I'd get it any time soon, but as I hadn't been able to find anything that fit my requirements elsewhere, I decided to just go for the Dell anyway.

Of course, this turned out to be a mistake! When my order finally shipped (Dell lied to me and said it had been shipped on the 31/07 - UPS advise me that it was in fact only sent today, on the 03/08) I received an E-mail from Dell advising that it would arrive on the 12th of August - so in 9 days' time. This was outside the original estimate of the 7th (I've booked the 6th, 7th and 8th of August off work already to make sure I'll be around to sign for it - or so I thought!), so I looked at the tracking info to try and figure out where it was coming from.

Surprisingly, the tracking info advise me that my laptop is in Tamworth, a mere few hours' drive from my home in Newcastle Upon Tyne! So I phoned them to see why it was going to take them 9 days to deliver it. Imagine my surprise when the agent I spoke to told me that they *could* deliver it on the 6th, except that you (Dell) have told them *not* to deliver it until the 12th! Unfortunately they won't let me change the deliver date, claiming that it has to be done by you - and even more unfortunately you don't have any customer support type people available on weekends to help with this.

Never again!

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Re: Why have you told UPS to keep my laptop in their office for six days?


That makes no sense.  For me, it's a first.. I've never heard of this happening before.

If you want you can contact one of our Customer Care/Order Support Liaisons via a Private message.

 Please only message ONE of them -

DELL-Frances Y http://dell.to/11Q2ZcG
DELL-Lorna M http://dell.to/PWMBSV
DELL-Harish M http://dell.to/Z2oW6o

Once you have clicked on one of the links, click Start conversation or Send Email. They will
need the following information to investigate -
  • Email Address:
  • Name:
  • Shipping Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Dell order number or Service Tag number:
  • Your country
  • Country where system was bought
  • Issues

Give them a couple days to get back to you.



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Re: Why have you told UPS to keep my laptop in their office for six days?


Thank you for your feedback and posting here in our Community. Welcome!

Apologies with inconveniences causes. If you can provide me with the information below via private message ( click my username in blue, start conversation );

Dell Order:
Account Name ( if not the same as your name 😞
Your complete name:
Shipping address:

I will be glad to investigate on this and provide you updates until you have received your order.

Thanks & Regards,
DELL-Frances Y
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Re: Why have you told UPS to keep my laptop in their office for six days?

Zbestwun2001: I know it makes no sense. But that's what UPS have told me that Dell have elected to do on this occasion. I've never heard of this happening either - but that doesn't really help me in any way now does it?

Frances: I've sent you a message. Thank you.

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