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Why is customer service so terrible????

I too have spent hours and hours on the phone with major issues.  But I wasted this morning on a small matter--how to dislodge my old high capacity toner cartridge and replace it with the new one?  The instructions accompanying the order were not much help.   And how to return the use and return cartridge when no label was included in the box?

The service department rep didn't want to help me without a service tag number and then he told me my printer was out of warranty and he was supposed to charge me $20!  Really?  A charge to tell me what button I needed to press (which was not on the instructions) in order to replace my $125 cartridge?  When did all these unfriendly changes take place?

Similarly, when I packed up everything to return and noticed there was no return label, I called customer service and went through two rounds of reps trying to get a label, which they told me they had no ability to send to me.  Finally I got a more competent assistant who was able to help, but it still took a very long time.

I have wasted days of my life on the phone with Dell customer service over major issues that were never satisfactorily resolved.  This was a teeny, tiny request and it still took an unreasonably long time and left me extremely aggravated.

I mean, when people start swearing they'll never buy another Dell computer because of dealing with customer service over toner cartridge replacement, you know you've got serious problems. 

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RE: Why is customer service so terrible????

Hi jen lynch, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience the removal and replacement of your Dell toner cartridge may have caused. We strive to provide a pleasant experience to all our valued customers. 

I regret the instructions were not easy to follow. Without knowing which printer model you have, it's difficult to tailor any specific support content, but this link might help. It's a list of all the videos we have on toner. 

The following link will provide toner cartridge recycling information: 

Welcome to Dell Free-Branded Recycling Find the Staples or Dell Reconnect location nearest you and drop off in bulk. For toner users who occasionally need to recycle, we offer this option that even recycles packaging. Just drop your old toner cartridge into your new toner cartridge packaging, print a label and send the package to us. 

I trust this information is helpful. Should you still need assistance, please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records. 


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