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Why is it delayed?

Placed an order for a customized R8 with a 25" monitor last Feb 18. After about a week, from checking the order status it said it was "shipped-in transit to local hub" with an estimate arrival of March 19. That is today and no PC. I checked order status again and it changed basically saying my order has been delayed. Estimate arrival date is gone now. I got in live chat and asked, operator said they come from China and it takes a while for shipping. Well I'm in Japan and its been a month now. Asked if she can tell me anything, I think she checked something coz after a few minutes she said the monitor I ordered was out of stock!! 23 overbooked orders... and the next restocking schedule is on 3/20 and 3/29.. I asked if I would be getting it then, she doesn't know. What is going on? Assuming I do get a monitor, I have to wait another 2-3 weeks (again!) for it to ship coz it still in China? Is this how Dell treats your customers? I've already had a bill from my credit card, I have to pay without even receiving it?
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