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Worst Customer Care experience. Fraudulent charges

Ordered a new computer from Dell towards the end of February with an estimated delivery day of the 27 May. No delivery or communication from Dell so a week later I called customer service and inquired as to the status of my order. I was informed by another customer person who spoke very poor English and did not comprehend the English context. The lady informed me that my order was on a "Verification Hold". I ask the lady what that meant and what are they trying to verify and her response was "it is a hold for verification". I ask her to please explain exactly what they were trying to verify and again her response was we are just holding it to verify. she obviously did not know what i was either. I asked for a supervisor and she said NO. I asked for someone who understands English and could answer my question and she said NO. I then asked if she could provide a delivery date. She stated that she would start an investigation and I would be emailed an update in two hours. Two hours later not receiving an update from Dell I called again. Another lady with the same English issue answered and could not answer my question "What is a verification hold"?. I also told her to cancel the order as I was leaving on military and without a delivery date or status update, I would not know if I would be back to receive it should it be delivered. A week into my military I received an email that is was to be delivered the middle of this week. Well, I am not home as it required a signature and they charged my account even after I told them to cancel the order. I call again today and they want me to call the carrier to make arrangements to have it delivered another time. I should not have to deal with this very poor customer service. I am considering filing fraud charges for the unauthorized charging of my account. Headed to the Middle East on deployment so I guess I will order from HP.

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