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XPS 12 order cancelled several times and Customer Support has no clue why

This is my worst experience with any kind of online purchase I ever made. I ordered an XPS12 laptop a month ago. A week later, I received an email saying there are production delays and my shipment was delayed by 2 weeks ago. Few days later I received a 2 line email saying my order has been canceled without mentioning any reason. No one from Dell contacted me with any explanation on why it was canceled. I spoke to Dell Customer service and they mentioned that there is potentially some shortage of components or some kind of illegal configuration though I picked a standard XPS12 laptop configuration. So I requested them to reprocess the order and it was also canceled. again Later the customer support told me it may be due to a coupon I used though that coupon was available online as a link in the page I ordered the laptop. Believing what they said, I tried one more time reordering the laptop by removing the coupon (actually Dell customer support ordered laptop on my behalf). A week later, my third order also got canceled due to the same reason: illegal configuration. So it is not the coupon that is causing the cancellation. No one seems to know the reason. There is big disconnect between sales and manufacturing. This is a $1100 laptop and Dell doesn't seem to care about customer service. After 3 attempts with different orders, speaking several hours with Dell customer service and waiting for more than a month, I have had enough and finally gave up and bough a Leno.
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Re: XPS 12 order cancelled several times and Customer Support has no clue why

Hi ,

Thanks for posting your comments and bringing this to our attention. Generally, the term "Illegal Configuration" applies to us internally. When certain items are no longer available from the vendor and the part numbers are incorrect, the order must be canceled and re-entered to accommodate the new part numbers. 

As far as notifying the customer when this change has occurred, we agree that it is in the best interest of our customers to make this information known as quickly as possible. We are working with our internal teams to make this process more efficient.

It's genuinely sad to lose a customer who was interested in buying our latest products, due to lack of communication between the sales and manufacturing team. We strive to provide a great purchase experience to every customer and I regret we missed the mark in your case. I'm glad that you have taken time to write about your experience as customer feedback plays an important role in evaluating out products and services. 

Please know that Dell greatly values your business, and we would make the most of a second chance to serve you, should you grant us one.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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