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XPS 13 9310 does not work properly after replacing motherboard

I just want to share my incredibly horrible experience with Dell, I can't believe such a big company to behave like this with their customers.

I purchased a very expensive XPS13 9310 in October, since as many people I work from home now. The laptop IS my work so I though I would invest in a good one. Now I am regretting this so much.

The laptop came and was not working properly. Keep freezing and going to blue screen everytime I use a browser. Remote support was provided and turned out to be completely useless. They sent a technician who came and replaced the motherboard of the laptop (why not giving a new laptop instead?). I did the mistake to trust them on this. The laptop worked fine for a while BUT they erased Microsoft Office that was preinstalled in the original motherboard and I've paid for to Dell directly. They also erased MCAfee antivirus. Since browsers were not working, I did not register for a Microsoft account (I never had a Windows laptop before). I contacted Dell to get my license back and it's now a month that they keep calling me with useless information saying that they are working hard on this (to get an electronic license which I paid for?). They placed an order for the license on my behalf, and canceled yesterday without reason. They are going to call me back again but honestly I wasted too much time. To add insult to injury, the laptop now blacked out for few seconds a couple of times, this morning.

I know I am late to return the laptop as 30 day have passed, but I think I have been mislead by these fake promises and time wasting actions enough. Is there a way to escalate this and bring to the attention of someone upper than the call center people?

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I have almost the worst experiences I have ever seen since my old XPS 9350 and with other several different products. unfortunately with every step I take is completely exhausting and worthless. it seems that their only approach is how they are generating revenues and maximizing their profits without looking back to real solutions.

And apparently from my recent experience with my 3rd device on the same model of XPS 9310 that they are in a complete mess starting from their sales management that is fully operated from one of the real far east Asian countries to the same till the end of their customer operations management that's completely a mess in all aspects no matter what is the stage that you are in.

for me, it seems that it became an absolute not to go back again with any of their products until they do a real change on their management.

Hello haithamfikry, 


We regret to hear about the experience you've have had. If you are having any unresolved issues with your Dell purchases that are in warranty, please get back to us with over a private message along with the service tag of the computer and the registered owner's name. 



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Useless guys! I appreciate your positive energy that is in front of the public

agree 100%, they are terrible.

Update: I did not get any help. They keep saying to activate MS office from my account, which I CANNOT since the computer was defective and browsers were not working, therefore I did not activate it. Any of Dell support is useless. Is there a way to contact someone else than chat/call center people? This is being ridicoulous.

You will get nothing! they will just keep manipulating you, mine is started with the dell xps when I bought their defected new Docking station tb16 in November 2019, where after I realized too that my laptops is defected after 3yrs of usage (both they are defected), not to forget to mention that I bought a defected $100 wireless km717 keyboard too but that was another funny big story to resolve!)

in the case of xps 9350 with the tb16 docking station, they keep jumping me from one to another with repeated excuses, verifications, asking to open a service request, paying for a service fees to look into the issue as my laptop is out of warranty, call drops, calling again, calls back, finally Ops!, The big boss is calling me!, surprised me with saying; (Sir your system is 4 years old (where it was 3yrs and 2mths, xps in 2016 for $2000) it’s the time to change for a new laptop!) lol and here we are giving up the story! And scarifying for our peace of mind  

The hardware replacement should be done for you.  As for the "soldered everything" -- well, the Apple you mentioned started that trend, so it led the way to the design of your (what must be 2-in-1, as the SSD isn't soldered on in the clamshell 9310) 2-in-1 9310.

The reinstall of Windows won't take that long either - and as for your data, even Apple wouldn't assist with backing up and restoring that without charging a fee.


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They did the same way with me by providing false information and wasting the 30 days return and refund. Their customer service is really awful, you can not imagine how their agents are taking in impolite and improper way! Most of them are escaping the arisen complaints by dropping the calls or putting you on hold for crazy amount of time to avoid ro get bored and terminating the call!, One of them couple of days ago said to me after I mentioned to her that I made a mistake by deciding to buy your products, she replied me with: “ now you know, <Non-public info removed>

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