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XPS 2710, worst experience ever!

I had the privilege of paying top dollar to purchase the "high resolution, faster than the current iMac" XPS 2710 from Dell on march 26th, 2013. I have gotten about 45 days of use out of the machine in the last 11 months. My battles with the overseas tech support have been the most challenging and the details way too horrific to call out in specifics. In an nut shell, I paid almost 2 grand for the hardware. It started having pink pixelated issues with the display about a month+ in (mid May 2013). I called tech service and the problem was intermittent. Eventually it became permanent and required the replacement of the graphics card, display and I believe the motherboard (July 2013). After several such issues Dell insisted that the unit be shipped to Depot for service. They provided the packaging via FED Express and a mailing sticker. The package consisted of the box, label and 2 grey foam ends for the monitor. There was nothing to support the base or top of the computer. It was to take 7-10 days. I received a call sometime later from dell depot stating that the repairs required were out of warranty. They claimed the machine was damaged when received and that the customer created the damage. That was September of 2013. I bought a second machine, the exact as the first, while machine #1 was away in rehab. The second lasted a whole 10 days and then required the replacement of the graphics card, disc drive, hard drive and mother board. The second machine had those components replaced via in home service, promptly. Once repair was completed, it was boxed up and returned to the store where I bought it. The return was made , no questions asked. I am still without compensation and still going round and round and round with our friends at Dell. I am happy to report that the issue has been brought to the attention of what appears to be American based customer service. Keep in mind that it took several months to accomplish this and that it was only by accidental involvement of a wonderful woman and her manager in Texas that took the time to listen and forward me to another department. I'm not at the right department yet but have an individual who at least promises to get me there. Hopefully in time to celebrate the machines one year birthday next month! Is it still the same machine if you have had everything replaced? Oh, BTW after I returned machine #2. i went directly to another vendor. Had all software loaded at the store. Took about 25 mins. I came home plugged it in and it has been flawless ever since. I did experience a disc drive issue shortly after purchasing a mac book pro. I took it to the local U.S. based store where they ran diagnostics and provided me a new laptop. No questions asked. loaded the software and it has been flawless ever since. Dell, are you listening?

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