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XPS 7590, it is a lemon


I needed to replace my Dell laptop and purchased an XPS 7590. It had over 25 tech support incidents.  Everything you can imagine including a hard drive replacement. I must have spent over 30 hours on the phone.

Dell just wants to keep Troubleshooting. It is like they have no record of all the time I have spent with them already.

It is absolutely the worst experience ever. Dell has gone downhill. This is the worst engineering combined with the worst customer support. Their contracted support staff has no power to do anything.

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We've sent you a private message. Please check and write back for assistance with the reported issue.  

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I received a pm email offering to troubleshoot the same issue from before.

Here is my response:

You are late. I have been on the phone with support for 1 hour 47 minutes and counting. This is for the same problem that occurred before. Is it really a new thing to take 2 hours?

Now they admit that there is a problem and want to reset the whole computer to factory settings! So I have to back up everything because there is not a way to fix the Dell problem and keep my data. Unacceptable.


Here is the response from the email tech support:

"In response to the message on the topic, if the technical team has suggested you reset the system to factory settings, I'd say it's a wise resolution. Please go ahead and try this. I'm confident it should fix the issue."

Here is my reply:

Actually it is not a wise resolution. It is just another random thing to try.  We have already done this previously.  

Also they found out that it opens as Administrator but not normally.  That was a surprise to the tech!  

Now they are going back to their higher level people to examine that revelation.   

This is a nightmare.  The current time on the phone call is 2 hours and 3 minutes. If you have anything based on this latest revelation you may contribute  to parrot what has been done before and evidently did not work is not helpful.

The saga continues: After 2 hours 41 minutes and 50 seconds on the phone, we are back to backing up all the data and reinstalling the OS! 

This has been done before (Check the records tech support) and obviously did not work. This computer is a lemon and Dell needs to stand up!

Saga continues:

More Troubleshooting from Dell tech support. Are you surprised? Want to know what happened?

They decided that the only thing to do is re-install the OS!  Wow we did that before and yet we still have all these problems. But OK, I will play along!

After almost 3 hours on the phone she had me set up a drive to backup everything.  And said she would call me back when it was ready.  OK, at least I can do some other things than sit in from of this box and hope.

Going about my day...I hear a repeating error sound from the computer....I wonder what that is??...the computer no longer recognized the drive.  So no Backup completed.    Do you think I had any communication from Dell?  What is your guess?

Of course no communication from Dell! Have to call them back and to my disappointment the rep had put a lie in the notes...that I had refused the callback, that she tried to call and I didn't answer (of course she did not call) and that I would not give her my number.  None of that is true!

So now my Saturday is in for 4+ hours dealing with this. An ugly situation!  
Still trying to get the OS reimaged, even though I did it before to no avail.

Kindest regards (put sarcasm here)



Prajwal here from Dell community.

I'm following up with you to check the status of the system.

Please get back to us with the results so that we can further assist you.





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