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Yet another order cancellation and run around, and RANT!

I am so tired of the dell runaround. So unprofessional. I order parts for computers, daily, globally, from all manufacturers but when it comes to Dell? I would rather go to a dentist and have work done with no anesthesia. Many parts are not listed on the website, so I have to call in.. we are in the 21st century,  Why do I have to give my CCard info to a complete stranger? No secure ordering, no invoice me and I will pay it option!

My latest order? Got an email that my order was delayed, I logged into my account and lo and behold it had been cancelled, in fact it should never have been placed as it was out of stock! called Dell, my card had been charged (only supposed to be charged when shipped) but no refund pending, and no issuance of a credit to my Dell account. Do these people get a bonus for orders placed? I needed to order more parts but refused to till a) I got a credit or b) an email stating my order had been cancelled and refund will be issued - why wont they make it official and send an email?

5 transfers to different people and was told my card had not been charged (ummmm really? My ccard says otherwise... ) and did I want to buy some speakers? Huh? Why do I want speakers? I need internal cables! Rep: Can we add the speakers to your order... me: NO!

I am getting to the point of not accepting Dell products that need repair that are out of warranty!

Goodbye Dell!

P.s Charge back already in place - funny thing is? My card company said charge backs to Dell are common!

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RE: Yet another order cancellation and run around, and RANT!

Hi sammie1066,

Thanks for posting.

I'd be happy to look into this for you.  Please send me your information in a private conversation by clicking on my name in blue, then on the next page click the icon that says "Send a Private Message".  Thanks.



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