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frustrated with dell support

I bought the new g3 gaming from dell and paid almost 800 for it hoping that with that price tag I would get a good device. however, the laptop came slow and it took almost 10 minutes to start. At the 30 day mark, I was going to return it but had good faith in dell because my family has been buying from them for so long. that was my first mistake. the guy took control of my laptop and did some things and told me the laptop should be working fine and I believed him. that was my second mistake, a couple weeks later the laptop was slow again and so I contacted the same guy and he told me to send it in. I believed that would fix the issue because I had to send it in and they were going to do something. they instead replaced my hard drive and that didn't change the speed or anything about the laptop. my laptop also came back with new scratches a black mark I can't rub off. I contacted the returns team which sent me to the replacement team which sent me back to technical support. I understand the thirty-day policy and I would be fine taking in-store credit cause I need a laptop that works. no one seems to be able to help me so this is my final shot. 

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Re: frustrated with dell support

Sorry to hear about your experience with Dell Tech Support.  I was a faithful Dell customer for 30 years...recommended and purchased Dell systems for my business and client's business needs.  Always purchased a 3-5 year onsite service warranty.  Never depend on their return to depot service.

My affection for Dell has now diminished, as I write this message using a clearance open box Acer touchscreen laptop, paid $425 CAD tax in, 8GB ram, i3 processor, touchscreen, 1GB HD beautiful 3.5 year old system, never a problem.  My business system is now a Lenovo AIO i7 27" touchscreen 32GB ram 2 hd, all the bells and whistles with a 4 year onsite warranty.

Hopefully Dell reads these posts and learns to start concentrating on their customer needs, from small to large purchases lest they continue to loose business to other companies who put the customer first and provide superior customer North American service and support.


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