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great product but worst customer service of any company ever

I have recently found out that expedited shipping isn't actually a thing when it comes to dell.  I selected expedited shipping when i purchased a PC and after "estimated delivery date" I contacted dell that my item had not even shipped yet.  They informed me that the expedited shipping takes effect after the item has shipped.  When i contacted customer service to address the issue of my item not yet being shipped they just reassured me that they will have the process expedited and I will receive it before the estimated date.  It is now a day later (now 3 days after estimated delivery date) and the item still hasn't begun shipping.  I've always loved alienware and this is my third PC with them.  I have had very few problems with the actual product but the few times i did I have had absolutely no good things to say about their customer service.  On my old computer i had a problem with my monitor that they swore was a different hardware issue.  After literally 7 months of them sending me replacement parts, 3 times they made me replace the RAM and once the mother board (after each time i said that i was almost positive it was a problem with the monitor) they finally sent a technician to my house.  Within about 7 seconds the tech said "idk why they keep telling you its not the monitor it is obviously the problem".  Love the product but after the multiple awful experiences I've had with their customer "care" department this is likely going to be my last dell product.