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m17 R4, delayed order

I purchased the m17 R4 on July 9th. The previous delivery time was August 9th, but it has not started production until now on August 12th. Dell’s customer service told me that it would start production on August 8th, but this is a lie. It is still selling 17M R4 with the same configuration. I don’t understand why there is a shortage but it is still on sale, and Dell orders are expected to be received within 20 days to arrive. Dell will never give customers an accurate time, customer service is also useless and will only tell you that there is a shortage but they still sell it.

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Hi @zoxp1  first tier call takers read from the Dell prepared script, they are not allowed to deviate from the script or be helpful. If you have a time sensitive requirement to have order processed, go to your online account and ask Dell Support to create Service Request for you and include your time sensitive requirement. Thank you. 

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