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misleading Dell Reward sign up entry

I created an account on in mid-November, and checked "Yes, I would like to register for Dell Rewards" at that time.
However, every time I click
The webpage always shows "Already a member? Log in" and "Join Dell Rewards for free", even after I clicked "Join Dell Rewards for free" for several times.
I felt strange because I didn't receive any email from Dell for that sign up.
When I placed my order, I got free expedite shipping (which is a member benefit), so I guess my joining reward is successful.
After I received that order, I found that there's another entry about dell rewards:
and it seems to be the working one, because I got an email with coupon which I missed for my first order!
Now my dashboard shows "Member since 11/23/2019" and "$0.00 Pending Rewards".
I'm so frustrated about missing to use that coupon and have the reward added up to my account, which is caused by the misleading UI for joining Dell rewards.
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