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new laptop didnt work

I am a 69+ y.o. widow and live in rural MT.  I have had Dell computers for 20+ yrs.  I bought a new laptop recently from Dell online.  I received it and it wouldnt work.  It kept saying: 'hard drive error' along w/ saying: "no hard drive installed."  I told Dell and they sent me a box to return it and they would repair it.  I gave them that benefit and sent it back.  HOWEVER IT CAME BACK TO ME AND STILL DID NOT WORK.  IT HAD SAME ERROR MESSAGE!! I told Dell i wanted my money back.  I would not want this laptop that was broken in the first place, and then again Dell claiming to have repaired it, but still has same problem. 
I asked for a refund (esp after giving them the benefit of the doubt) to repair it.  They claim they will only repair it.  NO WAY. 

I want to return the laptop and get a refund. That is all i ask after receiving it 2x broken.  That is what a reputable Company would do if their goods weren’t working when the customer received it, and it wasn’t just once, but twice sent to me not working.   
I’ve spent a lot of my time waiting, and they know that. I NEVER HAD THE USE of this new laptop that Dell sent to me 2x broken.  

After a few mos of telling Dell i deserve a refund and they still not having better customer relations, i went online to Dell Community and found many other people had same complaints.  Some were on the phone a long time, and most put 'on hold' or told no refund, some after a long time received the refund.  Most said (like i am not too) they will never buy a Dell again.  Many received a broken one like i did, when it ought to be new and working. 
If Dell was still a reputable company like they were 20+ yrs ago, they would care about their customers.    
I even took it to a Computer Store and the tech even said they too wouldnt trust the laptop to work after receiving it new and it didnt work, and then again after Dell said they have repaired it, but it still had same problem!  NO way after 2x it being broken would i trust it. 

Dell ought to have better business relations w/ its longtime customers. 
Sad this is how a big Corp respects the people who supported them for many yrs, Joan Best
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RE: new laptop didnt work

Hi JandH1945, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. We appreciate anyone who will take the time to share their customer experience. Feedback remains an important tool in evaluating our products and services. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this system repair may have caused. 

While this form board cannot address your technical difficulties, I appreciate the opportunity to provide some information regarding the return of your system within the return period, or the repair of your system outside of the return period. Please understand, this order has passed its thirty day (30) period for credit returns.  Under Dell's Total Satisfaction Return policy, all of our customers are provided thirty days, beginning on the invoice date, within which to evaluate their purchases for compatibility, functionality, and overall satisfaction.  Customers can receive authorization for a full refund, sometimes less the shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee, for any reason within this thirty day return period.  We understand that many customers may be unable to evaluate their purchase immediately upon receipt.  However, we believe that thirty days is a reasonable period for such an assessment. 

Dell's Consumer Terms of Sale govern the sale of Dell products, software and services to consumers for their own use (not for resale). The Terms of Sale (“Agreement”) applies to your purchase of products, software, and/or services and support (together, “Product”) sold in the United States by Dell. You agree to these terms by placing your order. If you have already placed your order and no longer want to be bound to this Agreement then you must either promptly cancel your order at Dell’s Order Support page or return your purchase in accordance with Dell’s Return Policy. Please act promptly and note that these options may carry restocking or other fees.    

Support Services typically provide technical support and instructions on how to request a repair or replacement for certain Dell products due to defects in materials or workmanship. U.S. and Canadian customers may review the Dell Limited Hardware Warranty. Dell may use authorized representatives to provide any of the technical support or repair services under this limited hardware warranty. 

Upon contacting Dell, you will be required to engage in a remote diagnosis session to help determine the cause of your issue. Remote diagnosis may involve customer access to the inside of the product and multiple or extended sessions. If Dell determines that your issue is the result of a defect in materials or workmanship but the issue is not able to be resolved remotely, Dell, at its sole discretion, may dispatch a replacement part to you, arrange for you to send your product or defective part back to Dell's repair depot or replace the part or product with a comparable part or product that may be new or refurbished. If the Dell Limited Hardware Warranty for your product includes onsite/in-home warranty service, then Dell may also elect to dispatch a service technician to your location to perform the repair or replacement.

I trust this information is helpful. Should you still need assistance, please reply to my email and provide the requested information.


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