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This is not a Master card or Visa Card or card of that type, it is the card as keyed in the "subject". This card was part of a system purchase several months ago and will expire on OCT 6. The order routine on the Dell side will not recognize this card, it insists the card be they other type and insists a security code be input during checkout. There is no security code on this card. It arrived on a paper card about 5 x 7 with the amount and an expire date and some numbers.

The card has a number to call and we did that, of course it is an automated call and requests the 19 digit card number. This card number is 18 digits.

We have called all kind of numbers at Dell, today I spoke with Dell chat-after e-mailing support and their reply to do the chat. Chat knows nothing about this card, another hour of the now some 40 invested. Over and over I asked the Chat person for a number which would allow us to speak to a person. Absolute refusal. At this point any person would begin to feel Dell is by design refusing to honor the card. Stonewalling at every turn. Called number after number-no people and no recognition of this card.

So the question-has anyone been successful at redeeming this type of promotional card? If so can you please advise the method or route taken.

Thank you

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See if something here answers your question:

Lots of exceptions to promotional gift cards that might apply to yours.

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Thank you Mary G. Have been to that page many times, every number and all information lead to either a site wanting the cards security number/there is none. This is not a credit card style card, and  when any of a dozen numbers are dialed the auto response demands a 19 digit card number-this card has 18.

It has been a very disheartening stone wall-the only exchange has been in an e-mail directing me to Chat and then at Chat with an agent who acted as tho this card was a disease. Pleading for a number where conversation and these details can be discusses met with steadfast and ice cold refusal. The agent says we here are the home and home office and have no way to answer questions about that card. If not the home office, who can provide information or a phone contact number with real people exchange?

Thanks again-have a great day


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It sounds like the issue is more one of not receiving a real card.

Regardless, try the Unresolved Issues link at the bottom of this page. Good luck.

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Promo cards usually have a limited life and lots of fine print. It might be that Oct 6th is too close to the expiration date to take advantage of the promotion. Perhaps there's a "cancellation clause" that has kicked in.  If this card is not worth a lot of money or is for hardware or software that is no longer available, I would not waste time and effort to collect on it. It might be a 'buy this/get that' kind of promotion that has expired.

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thanks for the replies. Your time and effort is appreciated. On or about the 45th hour or so of this epic struggle, my wife who draws the nasty phone duty as I am deaf-finally talked to a person. Well, that depends on definition of person. But that talk was like the rest of this fiasco, a huge disappointment. Along with demeaning and insulting-over and over my wife told this person the card has only 18 digits and no security code. Person would not allow that-"all our cards have 19 digit numbers and a grey scratch off area for security code." No they do not-finally I was able to wrest an e-mail address and said I would sent a scanned copy of the card. To further irritate us, after all the hours and frustration we spent-person gave us a half hour to get the scanned copy e-mailed to him. It was-but didn't care for the tone or need for the half an hour.

It will come as no surprise that the e-mail has not been acknowledged-into the wind it went. 

The value of this card I guess is a personal thing, it is $100 and to us that is valuable. This was not a last minute offer/add on by Dell, was part of the Dell ad on their website for this system which was in excess of $1200. At that point my decision was between the Dell and an HP which were nearly twins including price, for two reasons I opted for the Dell. This $100 and I have had three Dells. Probably responsible directly for 10 other Dell sales to kin and kith-but as of now that has come to a screeching halt. All of this makes for horrible public relations and repeat sales-real bad taste in the mouth.

Is it any wonder Dell gets unsavory reviews in areas of support-not to me

May have come to the end of the road, save take this to some consumer rights organizations. It is an obvious scam and their lack of interest in addressing it is ridiculous

thank you again-have a great day




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For anyone that is trying to use a Dell Promotional Gift Card and card is not working as you don't have the needed code, on the back of the card is your 19 digit card # (don't know why you only have 18 #'s Tom).  Anyway, to the right of this number is a scratch off box.  There are no instructions anywhere on the card when I looked to tell you to scratch this box off, however it does give you the code needed to process you order.  I found this out when I was unable to order thru the internet and called Dell.  The sales person explained about the scratch off box.  I told her that maybe Dell should put instructions to scratch off this box.

Hope this works for others trying to use these promotional cards.

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I am having the exact same problem. I have a gift card given to me when I purchased extended warranty. The card is $75 but every time I try to use it at check out I get "the card is invalid...". Here is the rub, MY CARD HAS 19 DIGITS PLUS A 4 DIGIT SECURITY CODE. When I call the 800 # on the card 1-800-242-5353 they tell me the card is good. I have finally resorted to placing my order through online chat. Why was I not able to use the gift card through the self help ordering system?




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I purchase 2 laptop in november. it got promotion card like you. today is january 4th. i didnt get my promotion Amex card till now. what should i do?

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Hi Thike,

Thanks for posting on the Forum.  Please use your Amex card for your next purchase.  If you are having problems, then please feel free to contact me by clicking my username, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "send message" and send me your information.  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.





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