swollen battery and new DELL service approach XPS-12

As many other users i also got battery swollen which initially shows up with raised touch pad buttons (and not working anymore).

The interesting thing is that when you send the pictures to dell they advise to replace the touch pad. Many of you could not know that Dell has changed radically approach to service. No authorised shops anymore, YOU MUST yourself turn into an electronic engineer, UNDERSTAND what is broken in your dell PC, request the parts and after delivering they will send a real engineer at your place. 9 times out of 10 the engineers admits the sent parts are wrong and then the whole process of ordering starts up again.

Are we going NUTS? Ask the users to guess the parts that they need to replace on a defective pc?

Plus very professional advise, having seen raised touch pad they should immediately have advised to order a new battery, but this is probably asking too much in 2017.

Good luck with your DELL guys, a NIGHTMARE made reality. I had a Dell inspiron in 2000 and it was the best laptop ever. NOw....better you transform your business into peanut distribution, lousy company.

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