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AX150i Service Processor IP Change

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We are in need of changing the management IP addresses of the two service processors.  Could anyone tell me if this will require any type of downtime, or can we safely change the IPs without causing any service interruptions?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: AX150i Service Processor IP Change

It'll depend on your setup.


If all your connected servers have a connection to both SPA and SPB and all your servers have a compatible MPIO driver solution install (e.g. Powerpath or native multipathing in ESX), then you can change the IP addresses without down time.


I would use these steps:

- back up all your data (just in case) and verify the backup is good

- go to Navisphere Express on SPA and under "Storage system" I believe there's a network settings option (if not, go to http://IP_for_SPA/setup, log in and change the IP there). On there change the IP and hit apply.

- SPA will now reboot to let these changes take affect

- wait (5-10 minutes) for SPA to be back up (can either log into it on it's new IP, or check on SPB's page under connections to verify all servers have a connection to SPA again)

- verify all servers can see paths to SPA again

- now do the same steps for SPB by pulling up Navisphere for SPB and changing the IP there for that one (and wait 5-10 minutes for it's reboot)

- verify all servers can see all their paths again (to SPA and SPB)

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