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Can you "download" Flare OS from CX300 to AX100?


I was just "given" CX300 and AX100, that our management received in the course of a fuse with another company. CX300 came with 15 FC drives, known IP addresses but unknown login credentials. As I read somewhere else in this storage forum, I need to reset Domain security that can be done only via PPP connection (hyperterminal) and serial cable. Will any serial COM1 cable do or do I need some special EMC cable? Also.. if Im willing to sacrifice all the data content on this storage EXCEPT installed OS!, isnt there some HW  button for "factory default reset"?

The other storage in question - AX100 came with no HDDs or CDs. As I learned in other feeds the Flare OS system is stored on the first 4 drives. Also, if you wish to upgrade size of these drives, you need to pull out one-at-a-time and give is necessary time to rebuild RAID (probably RAID 5+ hotspare?). Could you also use this process for "downloading" Flare OS either from our CX300 or another AX 100? 

In case of AX100, I truly dont know what "would happen" to the "source storage" (in fully working environment), if you pull out first drive (replace with a new, spare one), then second.. third.. - then you stop, put these three "new replicated HDDs" to a bulk storage and return original 3 drives back to its "source enclosure". Would there be any loss of data on the origin storage?

BTW.. since the first 4 HDDs are reserved for Flare OS, can you use them also for storing production data? Otherwise I would feel like  you dont need really large drives for this part.

Thanks for all the inputs.. 


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Re: Can you "download" Flare OS from CX300 to AX100?

I believe you need a null-modem serial cable for the CX300, and then you call Dell|EMC support for assistance on how to reset security; you'll need an XP or 2003 system (no Vista or Win7).


There is no reset button on any EMC equipment; it would be too easy for people to lose multiple TBs of data. The newer AX4-5 series does have a password unlock button (you press the button and for the next 15 minutes or so you can log into Navisphere (Express or Manager) without any credentials so you can reset the password on your account. This button is currently found ONLY on the AX4-5 and ONLY opens security for ~15 minutes.


The CX-series has to have Fiber Channel drives in the first (OS) enclosure. The AX100 and AX150 only support SATA drives (very different physical connected as well as different interface).


The Flare is tailor made for the hardware. You cannot copy of so the flare from a CX (or another AX) to your system.


If you can get at least 1 of the first 4 original drives (disk 0 to 3) and you know 100% for sure which slot it's supposed to be in, you might be able to get it up and running. If you absolutely cannot get any of those first 4 drives, you may as well put the box with the trash as you cannot do anything with it.

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