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Default User Name and Password of DELL EQUALLOGIC PS6100

Dear Everyone,

Could you help me to share the default Username and Password? I really need it urgent please help to provide me asap. 

Best regards,

Kakada chheng

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Hello Kakada Chheng,

The Default username and password for a PS6100 is:

Username= grpadmin

Password= grpadmin

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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FYI:  This only applies to un-configured arrays.  When you configure it the first time you set the password.

 If you have lost the password, connect to the serial port and contact support.  They will have you enter in a username at the login that will provide a challenge sequence.  Support will provide you with the response which will log you in.  Then you can change the password for the grpadmin account.





what if the old Network admin changed the PW and no one can recall what it is now



 You will need to connect to the serial port of the array.  Then call Dell Support. 

They will walk you through the process.  You enter a specific username and it will return the Firmware version and a challenge code.  You give that to support, the provide the response. 

 You will be logged in and then change the password. 




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