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Dell CX4-120 Fault SPS and Failed/Removed status


I have a Dell CX4-120 reporting some faults.

1\Disk array Enclosure Bus 0 Enclosure 1 is faulted

2\Disk Processor Enclosure SPE is faulted

3\Standby Power Supply SPE SPS B is faulted (I have checked the cabling is all ok with this and carried out a power down and back up)

4\Disk 10/12/7 bus 0 enclosure 1 is faulted.

It is showing 4 disks removed the disks are connected and have a amber light, i removed each disk in turn and reseated and still got the same error, i then did the same but moved to another known working slot to check if the issue follows the disk or the backplane the issue shows its the disks.

(I left disconnected and then connected and waited 1 minute at a time)

I have a spare disk so swapped one of the reported slots "removed" with the new disk and its showing online.

so suspect all the disks have failed that are reporting "removed"

i am awaiting more replacement disks but with it reporting 4 disks at fault and in RAID6 i suspect i will have lost the Raid data?

The setup is

enclosure 1 15 x 1TB SATA 7.5 Disks

enclosure 0 15 x 146GB 15k Disks with the first 4 with the RAID software on them

EMC PN for the disks that have failed are 118032589 REV:A04 Seagate 

can i use other disks if so which?

Or does it seem that the enclosure is at fault and the disks are ok and a new enclosure is required?

NaviSphere 6

any help would be appreciated 


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RE: Dell CX4-120 Fault SPS and Failed/Removed status

Hello danchappo,

With an EMC system you have to use drives that have EMC firmware on them in order for the drives to be seen.  If you use a drive that doesn’t have EMC firmware on it then what happens is the drives is spun up and is checked for the EMC firmware if the firmware is not found then the drive is powered down & marked as bad.  

As far as your SPS issue you are correct in that if you reset the cable that is connected to your SPS & your SPE as that is in most cases why you would get that error.  Also you can get that error as well from the weekly battery test that the SAN does.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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RE: Dell CX4-120 Fault SPS and Failed/Removed status

I did raise SR with EMC 1 week back and they replied stating that Clariion has self-test mechanism which when scheduled SPS fails and when the test completes both the SPS comes online. If the SPS cabling status is in valid for longer periods of time your actual h/w might be failure. Please contact your H/W vendor for replacement.

Replacing a faulty or dead EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS is crucial to keeping your EMC CX3 series storage system up and running. A faulty SPS can cause all kinds of performance issues and prevent your system from working all together. Learn how to remove an EMC CX3 SPS and how to replace it with our guide below.

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