Dell PowerVault 3200i "Out of Band" Message

In the Devices i see the array that i have create but when i want ot start the Array Management Windows it appears the message: Unable to communicate with storage array. Possible causes: 1. The storage array is turned off. 2 The storage array is disconnected and 3 The maximum number of TCP/IP connections to the storage array has beed reached...

Nothing of these 3 are happening..

So any idea?

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RE: Dell PowerVault 3200i "Out of Band" Message

Hello gsiomos76,

Is this a new install of your MD3200i? if so did you do use the deployment guide that we send with the system to do your initial configuration? If no then here is the link to the deployment guide. http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/common/powervault-md3200i_deployment%20guide_en-us.pdf

Also do you have MDSM (Modular Disk Storage Manager) install on a system that is on the same network as the management ports are configured on your MD3200i controllers?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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