Dell PowerVault MD3600F Not connecting using dell MDSM

I have tried everything possible in connecting an MD3600F to my Dell R720. I do not know how to manually add a storage array that directly attached via HBA. The MDSM only allows you to use IP address how can you manually add the MD3600F with MDSM. Also tried resetting the MD3600f but it states it is in a lock down state. Please see config below for the servers and array hook up. Any help would be great

Dell R720 (tried with windows 2012 R2  MDSM 6.0) - HBA (qlogic 2562 8GB)

Dell R720 (tried VMWARE ESXI 5.5 loaded plugin cannot get it to find it) HBA 2562 8GB

Screenshot of putty screen

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RE: Dell PowerVault MD3600F Not connecting using dell MDSM

Hello carlosalarcon,

With an MD3600f you can manage it either in-band or Out-of-band. In-band management uses the FC ports on the controllers in your MD3600f. Out-of-Band use the management ports on each controller to manage your MD3600f. I am guessing that since you state that you are not connected to the management ports that you are trying to do in-band management?

When you cabled up your Controller in your MD3600f did you set the IP address using the serial cable that came with your MD3600f to the desired IP address or no? As I can see from your screen shot that if you hit 1 it should display what IP address that it is using for your MD3600f. What IP does it state it is using if you select option 1?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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RE: Dell PowerVault MD3600F Not connecting using dell MDSM

I do have the IP address. Again I need to reset the unit because it is in a lockdown state. I have done so before on an MD3000 with the serial cable but it will not work only commands it allows to do or change are the baud rate press S for the service site

I type in password: supportDell

and it give me option

1) see IP address

2) see led status

3) quit menu

I do not know how to get it out of a lockdown state that is what I want to know.

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