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Dell SCv2020 Replication

I have deployed:
- 2 units of SCv2020
- 3 units of R430
And the requirement is to do SCv2020 to Scv2020 Replication. I have deployed everything in place and the only thing left is replication exercise. I have followed all the pre-requisites but still, unable to get replication menu to appear. I have study the administration guide for replication setup and follow the requirement listed below:
1. Storage Center Version - 2016 R3.11 Version
2. Storage Center License - Asynchronous Replication (Unlimited)
3. Storage Manager Configuration 
4. Storage Manager Communication - iscsI connection
5. Qos Definition
All the requirement above had been follow
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RE: Dell SCv2020 Replication

From DSM you can go to the hardware tab > Ports > ISCSI > right click the repl port and try to ping the IP at the destination, normally issues like this are network related. 

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