Dell powercault MD3220i control panel flashing Amber light

I have a  dell power vault MD3220i  San device. Currently after I restarted it, the control panel Amber light is flashing and the drive will blink by enclosure to enclosures with green light flashing drive but then it turned off once the hard drives flashing but the Control panel keep flashing Amber. The two controller in the back are all green and two power supply as well. I can ping the two controllers ip addresses buy can't connect to the storage anymore and it display unresponsive using the dell storage manager. Do you guys experience this problem? What might be the problem?

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RE: Dell powercault MD3220i control panel flashing Amber light

Hello Jpilapil,

Do you have the serial cable that came with your MD3220i to connect to one of the controllers so we can see how the controller is booting? If you do then connect the serial cable to one of the controllers & pull the controller out from the system and wait bout 1min then insert it again and that will cause the controller to boot & you to capture the boot process. Here is the process for connecting the serial cable if you need it.

1.            Startup a terminal emulation program like putty, teraterm, minicom or hyperterminal using these terminal settings (115200-8-n-1).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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