Fixing Dell Backup and Recovery's display

I am having a problem of my Dell Backup and Recovery's display. Instead of displaying the icon's name and other stuffs, all I can see is IDS_HOME_053, IDS_DS_000, and such. Again, only in Dell Backup and Recovery's display it happens, there are no problems with the other applications. This occurs after I restore my laptop from a restore point. I restore my laptop after accidentally uninstalling Dell Backup and Recovery. The accident happens after I tried to backup. Instead to backup, an box pop-up asking if I want to uninstall something. After the process, the Dell Backup and Recovery is gone. I look at the Start and control panel. It is not there, then I realize it was Dell Backup which uninstalled. To recover Dell Backup, I restore to an earlier restore point. I successfully restore and Dell Backup is installed. However, the display of Dell Backup is corrupted. Please help me. 

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