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How to obtain the EMC flare update for a CX500 system?

We recieved a hardware transfer from a partner of a Dell branded EMC CX500 Clariion system.  It currently has flare 2.19 on it and i would like to update it to the latest flare package so that we can get as much life as possible out of it.  It is out of warranty and EMC says that i dont have a relationship so they wont give me access in powerlink.  But i read that i have to get the update from Dell anyway.  Does anyone know how to obtain this from Dell?  Is there a cost associated with it?  I would like to implement this before i bring the array into our production environment.  Thanks.


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Re: How to obtain the EMC flare update for a CX500 system?

To get the flare code itself, you'll have to go through Dell.


Dell will not give you the flare code. If you are under warranty you are entitled on EMC's Powerlink site to download the flare and do your own flare upgrade (I wouldn't recommend this unless you know what you're doing). However, as you're out of warranty, that's not an option.

So, to do a flare upgrade on your system, your steps are:

- buy a warranty extension (may need to pay for back-warranty too) (cost will depend on how many DAEs and how much warranty you need to buy)

- buy a service to have Dell upgrade the flare code for you (US$950 for the remote option last I saw)

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