Monitoring Dell MD Storage (1000 and 3000),

We have 3 Dell MD Storage (1000 and 3000), is there possibility of Monitoring these storage hardware, These are directly attached to servers, No IP to it.

Can Dell MD Storage can report to a central monitoring solution like LogicMonitor - using SNMP or any other api

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RE: Monitoring Dell MD Storage (1000 and 3000),

Hello jacksh,

With the MD3000 you manage it via MDSM (Modular Disk Storage Manager) that comes on the Resource CD. Now if you have the MD1000 attached to your MD3000 then you can manage all via MDSM. Now if your MD1000 are not connected to your MD3000 then you will use open manage to manage the MD1000.

Now both the MD3000 & MD1000 it can alert you if you configure the email notification to an issue that is going on with your MD but you must also configure the host that the MD is connected to so that it can send the email. Here is a link to the administrator guide & if you look on page 19 it shows you how to set it up if you wanted to setup the email alert.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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