Partially Complete Disk Group - MD3000i

I have one MD3000i, the past week one disk went failure, and it was replaced but now the new one appeared optimal unassigned. Via CLI I have tried the reconstruct command, getting the next error

"An error occurred reconstructing physical disk[0,7] at line 1,

Error 400 - A SYMBol procedure cannot be carried out because a referenced disk group does not exist.

The command at line 1 that cause the error is:

start physiclDisk [0,7] reconstruct;


The disk is listed Optimal Unassigned


Any ideas on how I can force the reconstruction process on this disk.

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RE: Partially Complete Disk Group - MD3000i

Hello jvilla001,

What you can do is to manually set the unassigned drive as a Hotspare drive. Also what is the current version of firmware that is running on your MD3000i? You can also manually assign the drive to the disk group as well and that should add the drive back in.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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