Placing MD3220 controller on-line

A SAS controller was replaced on an MD3220. The controller now shows as being in service mode and the recovery guru walks through the steps to bring it on-line, the main step being go to Advanced->Recovery->Place Controller Module ... within Storage Manager

This menu item (with a number of others in the Recovery menu) is grayed out.

How can I get around this issue to bring the controller back on-line?



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RE: Placing MD3220 controller on-line

Hello Raja,

Before you replaced the controller did you place it in an offline state or no? Also is this a single controller system or dual controller system? You can also change the status via SMCLI. Here is a link to the SMCLI guide & if you look on page 125 it explains how to change the status. http://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/powervault-md3400_Owner%27s%20Manual2_en-us.pdf

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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