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Registering AX150

Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this post...

I am trying to register my EMC Dell AX150 in order to download updates but every time I enter the details the registration fails because the serial number is invalid. The only reference I can find in the forums is this link : http://en.community.dell.com/forums/p/17852532/17975518.aspx#17975518

The unit doesn't have a blue tag on it with the "HW S/N xxx" format but it does have the "FCNPRxxx" tag which is being rejected. Has anybody else come across this?

I am trying to use the Navisphere CLI but I think I need a newer version and the latest FLARE OS.


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Re: Registering AX150

Assuming you're under warranty (I believe software updates are only available as long as the unit is under warranty, but not quite 100% sure about that on the AX-series), you may need to call Dell|EMC support and create a case for this to have them have EMC update their database to allow your serial number to grant access to their downloads.

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