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Replace a failed disk on CX300 SAN

Disk 2 on Bus0 Enclosure0 has failed and I need to replace it. What is the safest possible way of doing this. The unit is out of warranty already. Your assistance will be highly appreciated... 

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Re: Replace a failed disk on CX300 SAN

These disks are hot swap, so get a replacement disk. Pull the failed disk, wait a bit 30sec to a minute then insert the new disk and it should start rebuilding.

The EMC part number is on the handle of the dsik and is 9 digits. You can use that to source a replacement. Alternatively, you can phone Dell support with the service tag, get the Dell part number and buy one from Dell.

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Re: Replace a failed disk on CX300 SAN

Be sure you have a replacement drive before you pull the failed drive though; you don't want to have a gaping hole for a few hours/days as it reduces the cooling for the other drives (the cool air will blow out the easiest way; the hole, instead of across the other drives).

If you're seeing a lot of error messages coming from the drive still, you could pull it out an inch (to disconnect it from the backplane) and just leave it there till you get the replacement drive.

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RE: Replace a failed disk on CX300 SAN

I know this post is ancient, but we have a CX300 that we need some 15K drives for. We were using it for a test/dev environment and kinda have some important work on there right now. Has anyone bought any drives lately for a CX300?  Also, how important is the firmware version when finding replacement drives?

Thanks to anyone who could help.

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