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SATAII --> Fibre Channel interposer/ Storage Board CX4 series

We have a few interposer/storage boards that we fear are bad.  We are looking to purchase just the boards themselves as the hard drives are good.   These boards carry an emulex chipset BR-2401 and may have a part number of BRG436. 

Dell is clueless on what this part is.  I try to tell them it is the little green board that sits on the back of a SATA drive in order to allow it to interface with the FC connection in the SAN.  Anyone have any ideas where I can purchase 3 of these boards?



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Re: SATAII --> Fibre Channel interposer/ Storage Board CX4 series

Neither Dell nor EMC sell that part without buying the whole "drive"; drive, carrier and interposer board.


Short of finding a partnumber printed on it and getting lucky to find that on Ebay or so, or someone selling some 'cheap' drives that you can take the interposer board off of, I think you may be looking at buying the whole thing.


Also; as you said these are drives for a CX4 (so they came from a DAE3P), the enclosure should be pretty new, and therefor should still be under warranty. If your drives indeed have issues (whether it's the interposer board of the drive itself), your warranty should cover replacing the drive (you'd receive the drive in the carrier and with the interposer board on it already).

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