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TL2000, BackupExec 12.5 reporting critical hardware fault

BackupExec 12.5 is reporting a Tape Alert Error.  The details only say Critical - The tape drive has a hardware fault.  Drive: 1, Slot 4.  This error has been happening once every 2-3 weeks for about three months.  The Slot number varies and errors have been reported on slots from both the right and left magazines.  We rotate media every two weeks and the errors have occurred on both media sets.  I cannot isolate this error to a specific job, slot, media tape, or magazine.

How do I determine what is happening?  When looking on the interface of the TL2000, the library warning log has this TRC/CST <84 04 01 1F >.  But that entry is recorded about one hour before the BackupExec error.  What does this mean and is it relevant?  There are not any errors recorded in the Drive Logs.

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