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Updating the PowerVault MD3660i Firmware

Hello...we have PowerVault MD3660i and we are planning to upgrade the Firmware to the latest one, the current firmware was still the original firmware when it was delivered and installed, it is and the Powervault MD Storage Manager version is 10.84.G6.44.

Is there any RISK in Updating the Firmware?? We would like to know what are the Proper steps and  Procedure in Updating the Firmware. The Available Firmware now is our questions are;

1.Can we Jump to install to the latest Firmware version From version or we have to install the update one by one until to the latest one??

2. What will be the version of Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM)?? can we keep and retain the installed version 10.84.G6.44

3. About the hard disk currently installed, shall we update also HDD firmware??

4. What are the risk in Updating the Firmware??

Please provide Proper steps and  Procedure in Updating the Firmware...

Thank you very much...

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RE: Updating the PowerVault MD3660i Firmware

Hello botod,

Yes you can go from your current version of firmware to the latest version without any issues. Here is a link to the version of MDSM that is compatiable with the version of firmware that you will be moving to on your MD3660i.

Yes you will want to upgrade the HDD firmware as well after you have completed the firmware upgrade to your MD3660i.

Here are the steps to do a firmware upgrade:

1.         Gather support bundle in MDSM

2.         WARNING: If you have a single controller PowerVault MD32xx/MD36xx series storage array you must stop all I/O operations before starting the firmware upgrade.

3.         Extract the firmware to folders and remember location.

4.         Burn or mount the ISO for the resource cd.

5.         Uninstall the MDSM from hosts (reboot required)

6.         Install MDSM from resource DVD (reboot required)

7.         Clear the Major Event Log.

8.         Update to if not already there, then update to latest firmware.

o          If you receive an error while checking the SPM database, ensure that you have an out of band management connection to both RAID controllers.

9.         Verify connection and data.

10.        Update the hard drive firmware.

11.        Reboot stack and verify all is optimal.

A.         Power down the server(s)

B.         Power down the MD32x0(i)

C.         Power down any attached storage (MD12xx)

D.         Leave the power off for 2-3 minutes

Please allow for at least 60-85 minutes for the updates. Time may vary depending on how long each reboot takes.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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