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Using non-Dell SSDs in an MD3200i (or any other Dell SAN)

I know that servers with a PERC H700 can now use non-Dell SSDs if the PERC's firmware is upgraded. But can I use non-Dell SSDs in an MD3200i with a similar firmware upgrade?

If it's not possible with an MD3200i, which Dell iSCSI SANs or NAS devices can use non-Dell SSDs?

I'd like to keep cost to a minimum. We only need about 1TB storage initially over 12 bays.

I'm also considering using StarWind to turn PowerEdge servers into SANs that will allow me to use non-Dell SSDs. Anyone here care to comment on their experience with this scenario?

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Re: Using non-Dell SSDs in an MD3200i (or any other Dell SAN)

With our Power Vault line of systems they will not accept non-Dell drives. When you try and use non-Dell drives in the 3200i they will flash a couple times and will be marked as Not Supported. Unfortunately we do not have a utility that you can use that will allow you update them to be useable in the systems. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kenny K.

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