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VMware VSAN vs. All Flash Array for VDI

A few questions for those of you out there running a VDI environment... Do you run VMware VSAN, or an enterprise class All Flash Array for your VDI, and why?  I'm looking to build a list of Pro's and Con's for both before I get one jammed down my throat for all the wrong reasons.  And it will most likely be VSAN or an AFA - there will be no Vblock/Nutanix/Flexpod or other hyperconverged solutions.

I will deal with my resellers for matters of price, but I'd like to know from System, Virtualization, and Storage Admins where your pain points are with these two technologies?  Is one more hands-on/PITA to deal with?  Is one just a "fire and forget" solution?  Do you save more money/hardware in the beginning/middle/end of a deployment?  How is one better than the other when you put up a new "pod" or "failure domain" (vendor terms, not mine)?  Lots of tweaking/patching/upgrading for one over the other?  Thanks for the insights.



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