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Windows 2000 Server Upgrade AX100 connected

I have an old PowerEdge 2650 with Windows 2000 server that we I need to bring up to Windows 2003 server.  There is currently a connection from a Qlogic Fibre Channle Adapter to an Dell/EMC AX100.  It has PowerPath and Navisphere installed as well.  Yes, I do have a full system backup also ;).

Is it a relatively painless process bringing the server up to 2003 and still maintaining a connection to the AX100, or am I looking at a more complex process?  I'm planning to slipstream the PERC Raid drivers as well as the Qlogic HBA drivers (if necessary) prior to install.  The Navisphere and PowerPath versions are actually newer than that of a 2003 server that is currently successfully connected to an AX100, that shouldn't be an issue.

Just looking for any gotchas before I dive in...


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Re: Windows 2000 Server Upgrade AX100 connected

I'd recommend you first upgrade the AX100 to the latest flare if it isn't on that yet. This is version


To check which version you have, log into Navisphere Express, select software and you can see the version. If it's not on this version go to http://www.emc.com/dell-ax100support and select the downloads option. You may need to register if you haven't before. While there, also download the latest Powerpath for 32-bit Windows 2003.


Once you're up to date, go to www.qlogic.com, select downloads, then select EMC (from the OEM list), select the AX-series, then your HBA model. If you're not sure which exact HBA model you have (likely either a QLA200 or QLA2340), select the QLA2340, scroll down to Windows 2003 32-bit and download SANsurfer 5.0.1 build 31 (~66MB). SANsurfer isn't dependent on the HBA model; it works with all Qlogic FC HBAs as long as a Qlogic driver is being used (not a Microsoft Windows native driver). Install SANsurfer (pay attention to note #2 on one of the first few screens as it mentions the default SANsurfer password) and open it. It will find your HBA and tell you the model. It can also tell you which firmware your HBA is on.


Now that you have this info, if it's not the QLA2340, go back 1 step on the Qlogic site and select the appropriate HBA model. Download the latest bios/firmware for the HBA if you weren't yet on this version and get the latest (STORport) driver (this should be Per the driver description you'll also need to get Microsoft hotfix 943545 (will need to request it from Microsoft via their website or by calling them).


Now go into SANsurfer, select the HBA port, go to the Utilities tab, and select to upgrade the firmware (it doesn't say firmware, but off my head I don't remember the exact wording, but I think it's something like "update flash rom" or so). Browse to where you extracted the zip file you downloaded. It should only see 1 file, so select that 'bin' file. It'll prompt for a password, so put in the one you saw during the install of SANsurfer. If you have 2 HBAs you'll need to do it for the 2nd HBA as well. If you have a dual port HBA, check the 2nd port, but it's usually automatically updated with the first port.


After all of this is done there's 1 more step before upgrading the OS; write down (or copy and paste into a text file) your Powerpath license key if you have one. You can find it via the start menu (look for the EMC Powerpath licensing tool), or in a dos prompt with "powermt check_registration". A license key isn't needed for the AX-series since Powerpath 4.4, but if you have one, back it up as it's costly to replace if you ever have to.


Now for the actual upgrade of the OS:

- stop and disable any services that depend on the data on the disks on the AX100

- uninstall Powerpath

- shut down the server

- disconnect the fibre cables

- power up the server

- perform your OS upgrade (your choice whether you upgrade over the existing or format and install clean (I'd highly recommend the latter, but that may not be an option in your case)

- apply SP2 and all Windows updates

- upgrade the Qlogic driver to the previously downloaded driver

- install hotfix 943545 (decline the reboot as you'll need to reboot after the next step as well)

- install Powerpath (the version you downloaded)

- shut down

- connect the FC cables again

- power up the server


Now you should be able to see your disk again and re-enable (or install if you did a clean install) the services that need the data on the AX100.

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Re: Windows 2000 Server Upgrade AX100 connected

I just ran through the instructions, grabbed all the necessary firmware, drivers and software.  Definitely a scheduled downtime type event, but I'm confident that I have everything necessary to run through it successfully.  This is an excellent write up, I really appreciate you taking the time to run through this. 


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