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ABE on Data Domain with OS 6.0

Hi all,

I'm trying to enable Access Based Enumeration on a DD6300 with OS 6.0 using emcabe.exe 2.0 (from CifsTools_7.1.72.1).

The tool seems to work, it has enabled ABE succesfully on the share, with /G it reports ABE enabled, I also rebooted the DD but I still see all folders, included the ones I don't have permissions...

Any ideas?

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Re: ABE on Data Domain with OS 6.0

that tool is for VNX, not for DD. I don't even know if DD supports ABE.

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Re: ABE on Data Domain with OS 6.0

I found some documents for you. It is not a Data Domain issue I believe:

In case if this is of any help:



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