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Active Directory login timeout, resolv.conf tuning

My customer is running DDOS on DD990's.

We resolved an Actve Directory login failure this week.  The root cause was that the first name server in the "net show dns" list was an old. decommissioned address.

The second name server was valid and functional, but Active Directory in particular will not function correctly without a valid first address in the list.  The rest of the appliance's name-resolution-dependant features are unaffected as long as the second address is valid.

The customer has a similar problem with other Unix hosts and appliance, and tunes the "retrans" and "retry" variables in their resolv.conf files to overcome this problem and cycle through all the choices in the list.

Is there a supported method to tune "retrans" and "retry" in DDOS?  Obviously, we will not try it from the BASH shell, but I do not see any documented options associated with "net set dns".

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Re: Active Directory login timeout, resolv.conf tuning

Hi Mike.pl,

We have a KB on configuring DNS for DataDomain:

181309 : Configuring the DDR with a DNS Server            

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Patrick Betts

DataDomain NET TSE

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