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Adding HDD's to DD620?

I currently have two (2) DD620's replicating. I currently have 6 active and 1 hot spare (all 1 TB HDD's). I am needing two things to solve my issue, as I am running out of space.

1. I am needing more space and;

2. Start backing up a VNXe 3100 file server using NMDP.

I am currently backing up all other servers and that is going to the data domain (not using NMDP). This is almost using up all space.

I have added a file server to our VNXe 3100 and I need more space on the DD620 to even start backing it up.

My question is:

Can I add 5 more 2 TB HDD;s ? or do I have to stick with 1 TB? Also;

I am assuming it should be the same pool but a different RAID. IS there something I am missing>?



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Re: Adding HDD's to DD620?

We just performed one of these upgrades of one of our customers.

Check out this document here, Data Domain DD160, DD610, DD620, and DD630 Storage Expansion Instructions (if the link doesn't work search for "DD620 storage expansion") for the in-place upgrade procedure.

To sum up for your questions: you can add additional drives, but they all have to be 1TB. You'll need an additional license which should come with an upgrade pack from EMC. The new drives will sit be a separate RAID group, but your system's file system is expanded, it'll look like one seamless chunk of space.

This is not a data disruptive process but won't have the maximum amount of available space from your system's disks (two RAID groups, two sets of RAID overhead). The alternative, to get the max space available, perform a data disruptive reinstallation of the system which will carve up the disks in a single RAID group.

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Re: Adding HDD's to DD620?

Is there a document that permit a fresh install with a single RAID group ?

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Re: Adding HDD's to DD620?

A complete reinstall is a hefty task for a Data Domain.  EMC will most likely have to help you out with that, like on-site or possibly remotely.

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