Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

I SSH connected to my data domain and the Linux commands I know are not working.  I tried "ls" and "man".  I searched the forums, the web, and my Data Domain user guide, but I can't find basic commands or why my basic Linux commands are not working.

I have to navigate to the ddvar directory and delete some files.

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Re: Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

export /var via NFS to one of your management *nix boxes and delete it from there.

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Re: Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

Please download the "EMC® Data Domain® Operating System Version 6.0 Command Reference Guide 302-003-095". It has the NFS mounting commands.  If you need help - only support can access the root login to clean up stuff via command line.

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Re: Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

connect to NFS export, works for me, CIFS as well...Linux commands will not work since there is a shell on top of the SUSE Linux core.  it is possible to escape the shell, but that will void your warranty and is un-needed.

Good luck!

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Re: Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

DD is closed box by default so you can run only limited (and provided) set of commands.  If you need to delete something, you can export fs and delete it via export, but be sure to know what you are doing (eg. support and more experienced folks even that is not recommended, can get into engineering mode and delete it from there).

Re: Basic CLI commands for Data Domain

Thanks for the advice ladies and gentlemen.  I was able to delete the files by connecting to the Data Domain via web browser.  Then I created a share and gave myself access to it.  Then I connected to the share using my Windows machine.  I deleted the files in Windows Explorer.

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