Capacity on Demand For VTL

HI experts ...

I see below update in the AdminGuide5.6

The Capacity on Demand license is introduced to enable an on-demand capacity increase for DD2200

systems operating at the 4 TB storage level.

-> Is anybody know this function can be used for VTL as well ? would this be silly to ask as if COD is supported DDOS 5.6 , means can use for VTL ... ?

Alsoif there is any Detailed Document about COD,,, please let me know as this function may not be same in CDL COD ...

thanks !


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Re: Capacity on Demand For VTL

Document mentions this as license only, not functionality as seen in VTL (where you don't pre-allocate space to volumes you create).  From what I see, in document you mentioned at least, this license only enables you to expand storage beyond 4TB to 7.5 and 13.8TB.  I believe this is to reflect what DD2200 is now; replacement for DD160 as well.  In the past DD2200 was either 7.5 or 13.8 TB (I believe; I know there were two possible storage models).  At EMC World 2015 they announced this 3rd option which replaced DD160 which is 4TB.  So, if you get this smallest version - fine.  If you wish to grow, you need to apply this license on top of the physical disks that you would add to enable their use.  That's my understanding.

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Re: Capacity on Demand  For VTL

Hi HC!

Thanks for the reply! I see, that's make sense!

Thanks again!

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