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DD2500 Replication Seeding

Hello -

I am looking for a procedure to seed a data domain for replication.  Both systems will be installed at the production site and the DR system will be moved later when the DR site becomes available.  The main DD2500 will be used for VEEAM backups and replicate to the backup DD2500.  I assume that the following steps will work...

  1. Set up both DD2500's and configure MTREE replication between them.
  2. When the DR site is ready - break the replication.
  3. Move the DR DD2500 to the DR site and change the IP to the appropriate address.
  4. Reconfigure replication.

Please advise...

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Re: DD2500 Replication Seeding

That should work.

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Re: DD2500 Replication Seeding

You do not need to break the replication, as when you move the secondary box to other location you are going to change IP, not the hostname.

Replication context is configured using hostname, so significant change in the DNS / hosts file will solve the requirement. no need to break the replication at all. but just disable the replication before shutting down the target box. once the second box is up with new IP's make necessary changes in DNS / host file and enable back the replication.

Much easy and safe to do.