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DD6300 replicating to DD/VE offloading to the Cloud.

Hello can someone please help answer the following question.

Is there any limitation if i have to implement  DD Replicator from physical Data Domain ro DDVE in the CLoud? for example DD6300 replicating to a DDVE with Azure. In other words is there any capacity limitation if we  replicate DD6300 to DDVE deployed on Azure or AWS  or vice versa?

I was only able to find DD6300 supports up to 270 Destination streams and up to 150 Source Replication streams.


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Re: DD6300 replicating to DD/VE offloading to the Cloud.

Considering best practice you need to be careful replicating from a larger Data Domain to a smaller Data Domain.  The reason is the stream issue.  It is easy to overwhelm a a smaller Data Domain  by replicating from a larger one to a smaller Data Domain.  It can be done but you have to be careful that you don't bog it down.  Best practice would state that you would replicate from the DDVE to the DD6300.  The stream limitation for the DDVE can be found in the admin guide  on page 177.  But here are the stream limitations for the DDVE w<= 16 ; r<= 4 ReplSrc<=15; ReplDest<=20; ReplDest+w<=16; w+r+ReplSrc <=16;Total<=20

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Re: DD6300 replicating to DD/VE offloading to the Cloud.

Should work just fine... note that DDVE has much limited capacity and support for streams.  Also, documentation for DDVE lists currently unsupported features so it should be easy for you to see if this combo is acceptable match or not.

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