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DDVE filesystem creation error

I have installed a free tier of DDVE on AWS cloud and want to use S3 object for filesystem. Boot volume is 250 GB a meta data disk is 500 GB.

When I try to create a file system from GUI, it errors out saying "Create file system failed" in red.

Then I de attached the 500 GB volume, added 200 GB volume, this time I am trying to create filesystem, it errors out again, saying my S3 bucket is not empty "Object-store: datadomaindevtest is not empty".

Any idea on how to fix it?


# fi create
A filesystem of approximate size 465.66 GiB will be created.

** The current metadata capacity is 0.20 TiB.
To reach the filesystem capacity of 0.45 TiB, the metadata capacity needs to be 0.50 TiB
Do you want to continue? (yes|no) [yes]: yes

ok, continuing.

This will take 5 - 10 minutes.

Provisioning storage...

****Object-store: datadomaindevtest is not empty

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Re: DDVE filesystem creation error

Same thing.  I followed the DDVE installation guide and added an S3 bucket, added IAM role for the bucket and assigned to DDVE.  Run the create FS and it times out.  Then I run it again, it tells me there is data in the S3 bucket and cannot continue.  I delete the data and start again, it times out .. again. Then I try the FS create after verifying the permissions and log data. It fails again saying there is data in the S3 bucket.  I then contemplate the definition of insanity.



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